Our latest labelled 500ml can is a 6.5% gluten-free, Citra IPA. We’ve used Brewers Clarex® to knock down the gluten levels of this beer to give coeliacs a beer they actually want to drink.

In layman’s terms, Clarex® is an enzyme that modifies proteins (like gluten in malted barley) resulting in a beer that is suitable for coeliacs. If you want some more technical info on Brewers Clarex® click here.

The resulting beer is hazy, dank and tropically fruity with a restrained bitterness and great drinkability. We really don’t think you would guess this was a gluten-free beer, but as ever would love to hear what you think.

Fantasma will be available on draught and in 500ml cans from our Taproom in Huddersfield from Tuesday 14th February and the cans will be available online from Wednesday 15th February at 3pm.

Tasting notes below.

Fantasma 6.5% IPA (Gluten- Free)

A dank and juicy IPA using Golden Promise, wheat and Cara Munich malts in the mash for a sweetly smooth body. For the hops we judiciously bittered with Magnum in the kettle followed by Citra T90 in both the whirlpool and in dry-hopping. The aroma/flavour is fruit-filled, dank and resinous, with plenty of tropical mango giving a moreish drinkability. Fermented with our house American ale yeast (WLP001) for a refreshingly clean finish, this IPA is also our first gluten-free beer using Brewers Clarex®.

ABV: 6.5%
Gravity: 1059
Malt: Golden Promise, Wheat, Cara Munich
Hops: Magnum, Citra T90
Yeast: WLP001


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