A few things that are happening at the brewery at the moment…

Barrel Aging Programme

Our first foray into barrel aging, Bourbon Barrel Bearded Lady is out at bars now. We were really pleased with how the beer turned out and have decided to make it an annual beer. With this in mind we’ve sourced another 4 Bourbon casks to age this years double batch of Bearded Lady which we’ll be brewing soon. While we were at it we decide we’d buy some other interesting barrels to have a play with.

In addition to the Bourbon barrels, we now have Red Wine, White Wine, Brandy, Whisky/Sherry and Tequila barrels waiting to be filled. We’ve pretty much decided whats going in them but if you’ve any suggestions let us know, and look out for barrel aged versions of some of our regular beers in the coming months!


In the last week we’ve just sent our first European exports out to Norway and Sweden. Kegs of High Wire, Dark Arts, Cannonball and Clown Juice are as we speak winging there way to our friends at HaandBryggeriet (Norway) and Great Brands (Sweden). Both these countries have growing beer markets and Sweden in particular is a very knowledgeable and experienced market for speciality Craft Beer.

We’re delighted that our beers are wanted in these countries and really hopeful they’ll be well received. Much of the beer heading to Sweden will be on the bar at The Oliver Twist in Stockholm, if you can get there, let us know what you think!


As anyone who’s been trying to buy beers from our website will know our bottle production has been intermittent to say the least. After a year of sporadic bottling runs with contract bottlers we’ve made the decision to bring our bottling in-house. We’ve decided that until we can afford our own bottling line this is the only way for us to produce the quality of bottles we’re 100% happy with and ensure the bottles are at the very least up to the standard of our keg output.

Despite the extra amount of work we’re looking at, we’re really excited about getting the bottles right and It will also mean that we’ll be able to do small runs of special bottles such as our barrel aged beers. We’re in the process of getting the correct equipment installed at the brewery and expect to have the first bottles produced in the next month.

New Employee

We’ve just taken on our fourth employee Nigel Gledhill. Nigel will be taking the Magic Mobile out on our regular local delivery runs to York, Sheffield, Leeds & Manchester etc… an ex-fireman Nigel is fitting in great at the brewery and says he “can’t believe how happy everyone is to see him” say hi if you see him out and about!

Tin Bar Signs

We’ve just taken delivery of some authentic tin bar signs we’ve had shipped over from the states. They’re 24″ corner to corner featuring a large full colour logo and are guaranteed to help brighten up a wall and spread the Magic. Any of our regular customers who’d like one, please let us know and we’ll send one with your next order.


A couple of events in July worth mentioning… From the 12-15th of July our Scottish distributor Craft Centric is hosting The Edinburgh Independent Beer Festival. This will involve a number of the best pubs in Edinburgh showcasing the breweries they are representing. Alongside ourselves the other breweries featuring are Dark Star, Summer Wine, Moor, Bristol Beer Factory, Lovibonds, The Kernel, Buxton, Red Willow, Redchurch, Camden and Hawkshead. Magic Rock will be taking over The Southern Bar for the event, I’ll (Rich) be coming up on the Friday so come say hello! For more info on the format click here

Also in July we’ll again be sending a number of beers to the excellent Hawkshead Summer beer festival. The festival is held at Hawksheads brewery and beer hall, always features the best of UK brewing as well as amazing food and great music. This is probably our favourite UK festival of the year and If you can get there you’d be a fool to miss it.

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