It’s our taprooms fifth birthday – huzzah!

As the Tap turns five, we wanted to celebrate, and because we can’t in the way that we wanted too we’re trying our hardest to bring the tap to you. With a selection of media available on all platforms, we’ve organised a little something for everyone for you to re-create the Tap at home. We’re hosting a few different things with some of our friends from over the years, to prepare a week of celebrations, live music and most importantly – beer.

Over the past five years, our taproom has transformed and evolved and is now unrecognisable to when it first opened. With a bar extension, new stairs and branded wall art, Magic Rock Tap has definitely bloomed into a welcoming place for all to feel comfortable within.

Our friends, to list just a few, are going to be sharing some of their live performances from previous years, and or lockdown sessions. Keep an eye out on our social media for any updates. In the meantime here are some of the artists that we’re getting involved:

/ Knuckle

/ Don Gonzo

/ Deadbeat Brass

/ Band of Jays

/ Serious Sam Barrett


Along with live performances, we have curated several different playlists which are all available to the public via our MagicRockTap Spotify account. These are what we play while we’re open, so if you want to celebrate with us from home, why not pop one of these on to recreate our lively vibes.


For those who haven’t visited us or those who’d like a picture painting to reminisce here you go:

Imagine this, the sun’s shining down on our beautiful beer garden, and there’s not a cloud in sight, the smell of fresh hops lingering in the air from the brewery. Sharing one of our Scandinavian style outdoor tables with your favourite drinking buddies smiles galore as you scan your eyes around the table. Your eyes trail down to the wooden table; your glass filled to the brim with a delicious choice of beverage. The scent enters your nostrils first, and then the first sip is commencing; shortly followed by the flavours dancing happily all over your palette, bursting with joy and nothing could be more enjoyable than this exact moment. The perfect first sip of our specially selected beverages, whether it’s beer, gin or soft drinks, you guys know we’ve already catered for everyone. The beaming smiles continue throughout the afternoon, and your ears filled with bright and vibrant music from one of our resident DJ’s or bands. Our perfect Saturday afternoons. 

Oh, how we long for these moments again.

Thank you for all your support, dedication and beers drank over the years. We can’t wait for what is to come in the future.

Team Tap x


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