At the Taproom we have decided to extend our current wine range with the assistance from our local wine merchant Hoults, who have sourced all our wine from the Taproom’s opening back in 2015. As of this week we will now offer a house red, white and rose, plus a couple of ‘premium’ and natural wines, these will be rotated seasonally, here’s a few words from the man himself, Rob Hoult  . . .

“There are wines which can be labelled ‘natural’ and there are wines that can’t but this doesn’t mean that they are ‘unnatural’ it’s just that with natural less is more. So these natural wines are made using organic or biodynamically grown grapes which are hand harvested. There are no added yeasts, sugars or bacteria (the yeasts are naturally occurring on the vine) No adjustments for acidity, no external flavour additives such as wood chips, ageing in barrels is fine. Minimal or no filtration and fining. Very low sulphite levels. So it’s all about letting the grapes be the star but most importantly it’s about flavour and drinkability and that’s what these wines prove.”

Waterkloof – Seriously Cool – Chenin Blanc (South Africa)
The Waterkloof winery from where this wine hails looks like the lair of a Bond villain which is slightly odd as what is done best here is the lack of technology. This wine is all about getting back to basics and allowing the fruit to be the star and what a star it is. Chenin produces wines which are both textured and complex but fresh and elegant. That mouthfeel on the palate is a real joy and leads to guava fruit and apple crunchiness.

Juan Gil – ‘Honora Vera’- Organic Monastrell (Spain)
The Gil family are the best producers in the fabulously hot region of Jumilla. Normally this much sunshine wouldn’t be good for grapes but Monastrell is so thick skinned that it can handle it. All of that sun burns out the aggression in the skins and the result is a wine as soft, supple, spicy and fruit packed as this. Bursting with flavour but never over the top, brilliant.

We also added a few premium wines to accompany our house wines . . .

Orballo Albarino – Rias Baixas (Spain)
Albarino may well be Spain’s secret weapon and is a grape which is now spreading its roots across the globe but its home will always be North West Spain. In this cooler climate it is able to retain that poised acidity which is its hallmark and yet still deliver on the stone fruit, apple and mandarin flavours which elegantly combine to produce a wine to set the taste buds racing.

Pablo Y Walter – Malbec (Argentina)
The meeting of minds and indeed continents as genius winemaker Walter Bressia from Argentina and Paul Boutinot a wine importer from Stockport combine their years of experience to create a wine which really shows off Malbec at its most joyous. A wonderfully pure expression of Malbec, bright and welcoming with rich, deep, fresh red fruit flavours and luscious texture.

and also an orange wine to accompany the Naturals . . .

Alpha Box & Dice – Golden Mullet Fury – Semillon Viognier (Australia)
This is what is known as an orange wine. Don’t worry it is still made from grapes, the difference is that it is a white wine made with skin contact in the style of a red. This means that it has a very distinctive style and one which a lot of people will find is not for them. Those that ‘get it’ will absolutely love it because there is so much going on here all spicy, rich butterscotch and capsicum with waxy, textured nutty notes. Definitely out there but brilliantly good too.

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