We’re very happy to announce that Marisa Sanchez-Dunning will officially join our team as Brand and Marketing Manager from August 2018. If you’re a regular visitor to our Taproom you’ll recognise Marisa as she’s been working the bar while completing her Marketing degree at the University of Huddersfield.

Marisa will be working alongside Duncan and myself, Richard Burhouse, to help tell you all about what we’re up to and who we are. She’ll be injecting some Californian sunshine, she’s originally from Berkeley, CA, into all things Magic Rock. All while helping us remember what an amazing industry we work in, on those dark and rainy Yorkshire days.

Dropping Marisa right into the deep end of what we do, she came along to Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago to meet some of our favourite people and help pour at one of the events of the year – MBCC2018, over to Marisa!….

…Wow – what a weekend. I’m pretty sure we’re all still somewhat trying to recover, or is that just me? Last weekend we poured at the Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen for two days and it was nothing short of a fantastic few days.

There were four sessions in total, two on Friday and two on Saturday. Getting together at events like these is always such a good time. We get to see some of our best friends that we usually only ever see once a year, get to drink some of the worlds best beer and have such a good laugh. A few of us even had a little dance after the festivities!

In prep for the festival, we specially brewed a few beers that made their first appearance in Copenhagen. We poured a few of our more crazy offerings including ‘Citrus Sour’, a golden beer secondary fermented with a mixed yeast culture in a Grand Marnier barrel with blood orange pulp. We were also super happy with our big and beautiful Bearded Lady Dessert Pecan Praline which is erm.. nutty! Of the other beers we drank I particularly loved, Alefarm’s Nordic Grape and everything DEYA was pouring.

The beer wasn’t the only fabulous part of the two-day affair. The pop-up tattoo area, ran by Crooked Moon Tattoo whom of which are based in Sweden, was great. It was a time for massive fans of certain breweries to choose from a set of flash tattoos to get tatted. All of them were either a logo or a piece of someone’s branding. One of our staff, I ended up getting a tattoo with a Bloody Mary in hand. If that isn’t dedication, I’m not sure what is.

Mikkeller had a tasting session of one of their cocktails with the lovely Scandinavian Airlines staff. Mikkeller Running Club had a treadmill up and running and there was amazing coffee being brewed by Dark Matter and Coffee Collective.

It was so eye opening and amazing seeing how many people from all around the world travelled far and wide to get to the festival. We met beer lovers from Mexico to Japan, all under one roof, chatting and getting to know one another. Great beer was drunk, good food was eaten and some inspiring conversation was had with some of the best people around. A big thank you to Mikkeller for inviting us once again, and hope to see everyone there next year.

Good vibes and good times. Cheers to a great festival!

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