Rainbow Project is back for 2017, to mix things up a bit this year all seven collaboration beers will be available at different festivals around the UK, as a touring bar. Starting off this weekend at Leeds International Beer Festival and Beavertown Extravaganza and then moving onto Indy Man Beer Con and Bristol Beer Craft Festival.

This year we drew our good friend Ryan Witter-Merithew from Casita Cerveceria  alongside the colour red- as well as a collaboration for 2017, there will also be a barrel aged beer made for 2018 using the colour Indigo, for more details about the collaborations please click here.

Here’s a few words from Nick Zeigler about the collaboration : “We drew Red and Casita this year and bandied about a whole bunch of ideas. Eventually we realized we were circling around Mexican flavors that we all loved, so Ryan, Rich, and I looked into the flavour profiles from some traditional Mexican drinks and dishes that A) we like, B) played well together, and C) wouldn’t completely terrify the British palate! In the end we decided that the rich, savoury, sweet, chocolate, and umami flavours in mole sauces that come from a wide variety of dried chiles, tamarind, and cinnamon would provide the subtle base of the beer, and be accentuated by bright tart flavours of hibiscus and lime– just like you might find in a traditional tiendecita. A subtle complexity of flavors in the meal followed up by refreshing tastes from the aguas de tamarindo, Jamaica, limón, and horchata.”

Amanecer Mexicano will also be available in keg pours and 330ml cans from Magic Rock Tap as of Thursday 7th September at 5pm / limited cans will be online via our webshop from Monday 11th September, alongside Bearded Lady (Dessert Edition) and Fantasma.

For mixed cases of the Rainbow Project beer please visit Honest Brew.

Tasting notes :

A lime, hibiscus and chilli gose brewed with Casita Cerveceria as part of the 2017 Rainbow Project, inspired by the colour red. Pouring a vibrant red, this michelada influenced gose has rich, savoury, sweet, chocolate flavours from a wide variety of dried chillies, tamarind, and cinnamon, accentuated by the bright tart flavours of hibiscus and lime. A subtle complexity of flavours followed up by refreshing tastes from the aguas de tamarindo, Jamaica, limón, and horchata.

Malt : Golden Promise, Flaked Wheat, Dextrin Malt
Hops : HBC 438
Adjuncts : Lime, Hibiscus, Tamarind, Dried Ancho, Pasilla & Mulatto chilies, Cinnamon
Yeast : WLP001
Souring Culture : Lallemand L.Plantarum
Alcohol : 5.8%

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