First new beer of 2014! The Stooge is a low ABV American Brown Ale, packed with loads of speciality malts, brewed with a mixture of UK & US hops and dry hopped with lovely US Cascade hops. Sort of like a lower ABV version of the beer we brewed with Dark Star ‘Rock Star’, but with a completely different recipe.

We brewed it yesterday so it should be out in cask & keg in a couple of weeks, let us know what you think! Some tasting notes below:


The Stooge: American Brown Ale 4.0%

Four different speciality malts including crystal rye, cara munich and chocolate bring a robust, toasty/nutty depth to our American Brown Ale. We used a healthy dose of UK Admiral whole flowers in the hop back and then lavished the beer with lots of lovely citrusy Cascade dry hops in conditioning. Malty brown ale has had a bad rap of late, maybe even becoming the butt of some folk’s jokes, The Stooge is here to reclaim the stage.

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