9th Jul

It’s been another great year for cycling in the UK, it’s great to see so many people out and about enjoying themselves whether on skinny or fat tyres. We’ll be celebrating the wonderful world of the bike again on the 9th of July at our 2nd annual ‘Bike Day’. Amongst all the activities a big part of our intention for this mini festival is to bring awareness to cycling in general and to support some of the great work done by individuals and organisations within the cycling community. This year we’re raising money for the Cut Gate Trail Fund, here’s a little back ground information on the project:


Ride Sheffield have been working very closely with Peak District MTB to address the issue of the “bog of doom” on Cut Gate. Mountain bikers seem to get most of the blame for trail erosion, perhaps somewhat unfairly. We’re keen to show that we want to act responsibly, hence leading the conversation. Cut Gate crosses a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) so we are wanting to start a conversation about the continued conservation of 8,000 years of moorland life and build on best practise in upland path management”

We’re big fans of the work Ride Sheffield have done over the years and it’s inspiring to see a group of individuals working together to create something which everyone can enjoy. Cut Gate is a bridleway close to Huddersfield, lying 7 miles South East of New Mill just off the A616 at Langsett. It’s a beautiful area and the trail (often voted as one of the best in the UK) is regularly used by local MTB riders. As habitual users of this amazing trail over many years ourselves, we felt this project was a perfect fit for our support.

So how are we going to raise money? We’ll here’s a list of activities that will hopefully help:

/ Helmet Exhibition sponsored by Giro
Giro have kindly donated 6 Montara helmets which are going to be customised by 6 illustrators. Here’s who’s going to sharpen their pencils:

Crispin Finn
Nick Dywer (Beavertown Creative Director)
Wonder Room
Caroline Dowsett
Sam Needham
Rich Norgate: Magic Rock Design

These helmets will be exhibited on the day be raffled off with all the money going to the Cut Gate trail fund * Please note Giro will be exhibiting these helmets at Grinduro, the week after Bike Day, the lucky winners will be able to claim their prize the week commencing the 17th July.

/ Design A Jersey
We’re going to run ‘design a jersey’ competition. It’s fairly simple you pay a small amount to enter, all the money goes to the cut gate trial fund, we pick a winner then the jersey gets made and the winner gets to keep it and show it off.

/ Sam Needham – Mavic Trans Provence slideshow
As some of you may know the man behind the majority of our photos Sam Needham is also an outstanding mountain bike photographer. He’ll be on the ground at this year’s Mavic Trans Provence documenting the race. We’re also supporting the race with a bespoke re-labelled beer called T-P Pale (using our popular west coast pale ale High Wire – see picture above) which should be perfect for post-race hydration. Our one man design team Rich will also be out in France racing, and will be posting regular instagram stories and updates of his progress. Sam is going to put together a slideshow that encapsulates the adventure and journey. We’ve kept back a few cases of the beer so we can all enjoy a can whilst watching the slideshow. In exchange we’ll be asking for discretionary donations with all the proceeds going to the Cut Gate traill fund.


/ Other talks :

Cut Cut Trail fund hosted by Ride Sheffield and content by RadVenture
Simon from Ride Sheffield and 18 Bikes will be here to present why Cut Gate needs some intervention and conservation. The RadVenture guys are going to put together the content and story.

The excellent Rich and Tom will be here again to update us on their adventures as father and son. Last year they were attempting to ride the French Divide.

Roller Racing
Sowerby Brothers will be back with their Roller Racing bikes so you can lay down some watts/whip your riding buddies in between some (hopefully) sunny beers.

/ Orange Bikes

We’re delighted that our friends from Orange will also be in attendance again, showing off their latest technology, they’re very busy up and down the country most weekends so it’s great to have their support. We’ve re-brewed our collaboration beer Shredder with a couple of tweaks to the recipe and new can artwork. 2017 Shredder will be launching on the day in keg and can and Orange Bikes will also have a limited number of Shredder T-Shirts featuring the new artwork for sale.

/ Stalls :

Ride Sheffield
TCOD and Caroline Dowsett
Orange Mountain Bikes
Darkwoods Coffee
Street Bikes
Albion Cycling

Raffle prizes supplied by Lowe Pro and Joby

/ Food :

Latin American inspired street food Cooked from scratch!
Pastrami Now
A market stall selling lots of tasty treats but primarily Salt Beef and Pastrami.
Holy Crab
Sustainable seafood and veggie snacks.
Rubys Street Kitchen
Mumbai street food

Instagram / Magic Rock Brewing
Instagram / Magic Rock Tap

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