Growlers are re-fillable take home containers which are filled from the taps in our taproom. It’s a great way to take home fresh poured beer from the range that is pouring on any given day.

At Magic Rock Tap we sell our own Magic Rock branded 1 Litre (priced at £20) & 2 Litre (priced at £25) lined stainless steel SS growlers. We chose these particular growlers because they are robust, well made and easily cleanable.

Like our Brewhouse equipment our growlers are made from stainless steel which makes them very strong/durable, easily sterilisable and impervious to chemical reactions with the beer.

Unlike glass, stainless steel also prevents against the effects of ‘light strike’ which can affect the flavour of the beer.

Our growlers have an excellent closure mechanism with a replaceable seal which protects against oxygen ingress.

Our growlers are marked to comply with weights and measures legislation. We want you to love your growler and treat it as part of the family. With regular cleaning and good care they should last a lifetime. We could sell cheaper growlers but they wouldn’t last as long and you’d have to spend more replacing them regularly.

Growler filling policy

It is always our intention to present our beer in the best possible way to give you the best drinking experience.

We fill our own 1L & 2L growlers at our Taproom in Huddersfield.

We pre-purge the growler with C02 to prevent the beer from oxidising when coming into contact with the oxygen in the vessel.

We always attach a tag to inform you of the beer type and date poured, this isn’t just for your benefit, but necessary for our traceability and HMRC requirements for alcohol reporting and to indicate if the growler has been opened.

We will gladly fill plain (unbranded) stainless or brown glass growlers providing they are marked to comply with weights and measures and are clean.

* After reviewing the response we’ve received to this post, we have now adapted our policy to also including filling growlers branded with other companies’ logo(s). In these cases, we will affix removable Magic Rock tape / stickers to your growler to satisfy our traceability concerns.

We will not fill plastic growlers or containers of any kind as plastic is more difficult to clean and may harbour flavours and aromas from previous fills which would taint our beer. Similarly, plastics are easily scratched and provide a safe haven for beer spoilage organisms which increases the possibility of our beer becoming infected. Finally, most plastics are oxygen permeable, which would ruin the flavours we’ve worked so hard to create and preserve.

* We reserve the right not to fill a dirty growler or one that does meet the above criteria.

Growler Care

Store it cold & drink it fresh, we recommend no more than a week from fill to pour. Keep the beer cold in your fridge until you’re ready to drink it. Once open, the beer should be consumed within 12 hours, otherwise the oxygen which has entered the container will make the beer flat and eventually stale it.

When you’re finished, rinse your growler with hot water (no soap) and then let it air dry (upside down if possible) with the flip top open.

If you forget to rinse your growler out do it as soon as possible with a little drop of liquid dish soap and rinse thoroughly, several times.

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