We were asked sometime last year if we’d be interested in discussing the formation of an organisation to protect the interest of craft beer brewers and drinkers in the UK.

The desire to do this was born out of a feeling that the beer market has moved on massively in the last few years & our interests were not entirely being represented by the current trade bodies.

In particular we felt that the time had come to define what craft beer is and what it isn’t with a view to protecting the interests of the businesses and people that make, drink and sell craft beer in the UK.

I’m sure many reading this think it’s not important to do this and in some respects we’d agree, we’ve never been overly fond of the term ‘Craft’, it seemed to us to not work particularly well in the UK with its more nuanced beer scene.

However like it or not the wider beer market has decided in the last few years that ‘Craft’ is the word they are going to use for product differentiation/marketing and to continue to deny that fact is pointless in our opinion. Maybe the dedicated beer fan doesn’t necessarily need a definition but we believe there is increasing potential for confusion for your average beer drinker.

After a number of meetings over the last year we now have a mission statement/basic outline of the aims of the organisation. We feel that if UK craft beer is to continue to break into the mainstream it’s important that new customers are able to differentiate between the genuine article and beers produced by the multinationals that threaten to stifle the growth of our tiny sector of the beer market.

We also importantly see this as an opportunity to raise the bar quality wise through the sharing of information and best practices for all craft beer producers in the UK which will enable us the smaller producers, to continue to make ground.

Below is a link to the UCB website, and a press release, if you agree with the sentiment and would like to be part of this new organisation, please sign up using the form there.







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